1. I will always hustle. 

2. I will respect my coaches and parents and do as they ask. 

3. I will not use profanity, drugs, alcohol or tobacco. 

4. I will always represent my team with class.

5. I will practice good sportsmanship.

6. I will treat all opposing players, coaches and fans with respect. 

7. I will respect decisions made by the umpires. 

8. I will handle winning with class and losing with grace. 

9. I will never quit. No matter the score, inning or number of outs, I will always give my best. 

10. I will work hard at all that I do when no one is watching, including school and other sports as well. 


1. I commit to making sure my child arrives to games and practices 15 minutes early. 

2. I will be sure that my child is properly equipped.

3. I will show respect for the umpires. 

4. I will stay away from the dugout during games and allow coaches to coach. 

5. I will be a role model for my child regarding good sportsmanship, teamwork and self-worth. 

6. I am responsible for the behavior of all family members at games and practices. 

7. I will provide encouragement and support for my child. 

8. I will provide encouragement and support for all players on the team. We’re in this together!

9. I will respect the opposing team, coaches and fans. 10. I will get to know the team values and reinforce them with my child.

10. I will support the coach’s message. 

11. I will help my child embrace his role, no matter what it is. 

12. I will help nurture a positive environment on and off the field. 



1. I will set a good example.

2. I will practice high ethical standards and only direct my team to play within the rules. 

3. I will have a thorough understanding of the rules.

4. I will be a student of the official and tournament rulebooks so that I am properly prepared.

5. I will do everything I can to best prepare my 

6. I will have clear, written team rules and expectations for players, parents and coaches. 

7. I will not enforce gameplay discipline due to mental mistakes if I did not adequately prepare the player for that situation. If a player was not properly prepared to handle a situation, I can’t be disappointed in his decision. Correction and preparation – not discipline – are required.

8. I will consciously provide more positive than negative reinforcement. 

9. I will treat all of our players with the respect. 

10. I will always be physically and mentally prepared.