Silver Sox Team Spirit

Travel Team Approach

Since our goal is to get and remain highly competitive, even with Travel Team players we will have a “No Stars” approach. Every athlete will learn the infield and outfield. Every player is encouraged (but not required)  to learn pitching and/or catching. Batting orders change, although not at the expense of creating a “Heart of the Order” of the best hitters. 


Silver Sox Coaching Philosophy

Many athletes equate their fielding position and place in the batting order to a grade of their baseball skills, as if they are playing in MLB – this shouldn’t be the case. Mike Trout went from Shortstop in Travel ball to Centerfield – he’s done ok. So did Bobby Mercer. Jorge Posada switched to catcher at age 17 or 18 (from 2nd Base). Not everyone is a shortstop, but it is much better for an aspiring player to answer: “I can play anywhere coach” on a team that needs a second baseman, than to say “I’m a shortstop”. 


The Silver Sox Difference: Final Thoughts

Our goal is to be highly competitive, and to create well-rounded baseball players, players who can execute exceptionally on throwing, fielding, hitting, running and understanding the game situation from any batting position or any position on the field.